Friday, 2 September 2011

Zeinoddin Caravanserai to Persepolis

After arguing with the internet in Esfahan for a long time, it has finally deigned to upload a few photos.

So, we have here:

The roof of my bedroom in the caravanserai

The inner courtyard.

The twisted corpse of the Bloody Great Spider that ran down my arm, across the carpet and up John's leg while we were watching the traditional dancers. That spider was not like Australian spiders that I have had run over me. There was no tickle. That puppy had heft, it was a weighty spider. To the point that I was convinced it was the curtain flapping against me, not a spider running down my arm.

The little blurb about the caravanserai.

Two shots of hills.

One dodgy shot that is the only one I have of grapes near Shiraz.

More crops.

Eucalyptus trees in the carpark at Persepolis. There are quite a few of them planted around Iran. You can smell them.

1 comment:

Morag said...

I would like to go immediately to this caravanserai, please.

How hopelessly romantic it looks (apart from the hideous spider)