Thursday, 22 September 2011

London in 5 hours

 Arrive at St Pancras at 1.30 pm. Walk to Euston station, buy a ticket for the overnight train to Inverness. Feel slightly disappointed that they only have seats left, no sleepers. Check your luggage (it is per bag, so try and stuff one bag inside the other).

Walk along Euston Road then turn left down Tottenham Court Road. Turn right at Oxford Street, turn left down Regent Street

Go to Liberty and buy a ball of Rowan and look at the Tana Lawn.

Turn off down Swallow Street and have something to eat in the wifi cafe. Walk along Piccadilly to the Piccadilly Circus and Eros. 

 Walk down Haymarket then along Pall Mall.

 Marvel at Trafalgar Square

 Marvel some more.

 And at the man on the plinth.

 Walk down Whitehall Street and then along the Horse Guards Avenue to Victoria Embankment.

Gaze in wonder at Big Ben. Notice that it is 6.20pm and you probably need to get your skates on.

 Quickly look at Westminster Abbey then bust down Birdcage Walk past St James park. Try and take a picture of a squirrel.

 Quick photo of Australia Gate.

 Stand at Buckingham palace for a ten minutes. Watch the men in red marching up and down. Wonder what they do with all those rooms. Wish for a second that you were actually staying for a day or two so that you could go for a tour.

 Hurry down to Victoria Station and be back at Euston at 7.30pm for your 9.15pm train to Inverness.


Alexandra said...

Hi Ceels, I love that in 5 hours you went to a bunch of big landmarks and still found time to buy some yarn. You go girl!

Ceels said...

That's because I have my priorities sorted out!