Sunday, 4 September 2011


Another sign for the ladies'. I love it when they have these signs because if it is just in Farsi, it is not straightforward working out which one is for girls. Also, I love the head scarf.

We went to the National museum this morning and it was marvellous. Full of patterns and interesting clever things. And this bull.

There were many surprised looking animals. I took pictures of lots of them, but only put up this one. The most surprised looking of all.

This is the seal outside the square near the museum. It is a lion and swords and things and it symbolises stuff.

Another town, another bazaar, and this one was even more vast and twisty turny than the rest.

You are allowed to show 15% of your hair from under your headscarf so the women do all manner of things to make it look like they have more hair under the scarf and can therefore show more out the front. The higher your hair, the better and it can be made to look higher with clever hair styles, hair bands, sneaky extra scarves wrapped round your bun and fake hair.

Hand knitted socks in the anthropology museum at the Golestan Palace (see how I looked that up, the name of the palace?).

Another sign for the toilet.





Outside the US Den of Espionage (aka. the former US Embassy).

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