Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I am looking at my life in stuff, trying to sort into 'keep/give away/throw away'. The knowledge that I am away from my flat for a year and that anything I don't throw out I have to pack up and move is providing marvellous incentive to get rid of stuff.

I am examining what is important and what's behind the urge to buy more yarn or books. I know I have more books than I can read before I leave, but I am still getting the urge to buy more (particularly Liar, by Justine Larbalestier). I know I have more craft projects than I can complete in two years, but I still think 'but I NEED that' when I look at Sanguine Gryphon [worse yet looking at the Ehrman tapestries, they would take two lifetimes to finish].

It is remarkable how this squiggly red line is making me reassess all the stuff.