Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Death of a Chook

These are all the 'photo a day' shots I've been taking. I think I started on the 10th of May last year, so I am nearly there. The final photo is an indication of the luck I've been having with chooks.


 Graffiti in Fitzroy.


 Comedy parsnip.


Horse in the house.

 Trying to stop the soreness in my arms (unsuccessfully so far - no knitting for me).

And finally a picture of Gilt. Fallen off her perch. By which I mean, quite dead. Cocci (or something) got her...

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Folk Festival part two

11.45am the Shebeen: April Verch.

12.30 stage 4: Ben Sollee - brilliant cellist.

(attempted to get into stage 3 to see Archie Roach and then John Butler - no dice)

2.30 stage 1: Tripod - first time I've seen them live.

Went back to see if I could get into stage 3 for John Butler - three queues going back around past the instrument works to the flag circle.

4 School hall: tango lesson with Kristina Olsen

7 Lighthouse cafe: Davidson Brothers - they are from Gippsland somewhere - they are great. God can they play the banjo.

9 Stage 2: Kristina Olsen - as brilliant as you'd expect.

10.30 stage 2: The Pigs - I was put off by they name, but they are great musicians and really funny. The had one song 'Hey Christina' it was fabulous.
11.30 stage 3: ahab - Oh Mi God. They had all of stage 3 up and dancing. It was... I can't even tell you.

Most beautiful place in the world? I think so.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Folk festival part one

 Lucky beer


Friday I saw Daniel Champagne.

Kristina Olsen (she played the aeroplane song and Big O)

And ahab, oh my god, go watch them on youtube I love the start of this song.

Saturday in tent 3

10am stage one: Abigail Washburn and Kai Welch (great), Judy Collins, Ben Sollee (amazing), Chris Hillman & Herb Pederson, Pieta Brown, Krystle Warren.

12.15 Stage three: Pierre Bensusan, John Butler (first time I've seen him, he was marvellous) Jeff Lang, Daniel Champagne, Peter Rowan, Michael Witcher, Jimi Hocking

2.45 Stage three: Eric Bibb and Staffan Astner - brilliant

4 stage five: second half of Kristina Olsen

5 stage five: Ami Williamson (daughter of John).

6.30 stage three: Adam Cohen - He's fabulous. 'Sweet Dominique'.

9.15 stage two: The Pigs - name is unfortunate, music is great

10 Shebeen: ahab (again). Someone spilt beer on me (Kilkenny, not guinness)

 Sunday Morning

Accommodation gets booked out in Port on Folkie weekend.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Adventures in Melbs and Woodend

I love this sign.


Found a great cafe in Nicholson Street, opposite the hand weavers and spinners guild. Annoying Brother. They are only 6 weeks old, and it is super lovely in there. It was late in the afternoon and they offered me breakfast as I walked through the door (sure way to my heart) and didn't bat an eye when I asked for warm soy with honey and cinnamon.

Woodend station.

O! Maté, my love.


yellow lady bird.

Monday, 5 March 2012

February wrap up


 I feel like this should be a Christmas card.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Muddling about

Jayne wearing Brad's pink crocs

The little bread maker accident I had.

I got drenched in the morning. I had to wring muddy water out of my socks when I got to work. I had wet feet all day. I tried to dry them under the hand dryer in the bathroom. I didn't put them in the microwave because I could imagine that being bad.

I like days when the Vic Market is open.

 Dead rat. Three times.

I like days when the Vic Market is open.