Saturday, 24 March 2012

Folk Festival part two

11.45am the Shebeen: April Verch.

12.30 stage 4: Ben Sollee - brilliant cellist.

(attempted to get into stage 3 to see Archie Roach and then John Butler - no dice)

2.30 stage 1: Tripod - first time I've seen them live.

Went back to see if I could get into stage 3 for John Butler - three queues going back around past the instrument works to the flag circle.

4 School hall: tango lesson with Kristina Olsen

7 Lighthouse cafe: Davidson Brothers - they are from Gippsland somewhere - they are great. God can they play the banjo.

9 Stage 2: Kristina Olsen - as brilliant as you'd expect.

10.30 stage 2: The Pigs - I was put off by they name, but they are great musicians and really funny. The had one song 'Hey Christina' it was fabulous.
11.30 stage 3: ahab - Oh Mi God. They had all of stage 3 up and dancing. It was... I can't even tell you.

Most beautiful place in the world? I think so.

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