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New posts on the new blog

A very MLX weekend 25th November.

Geese and seagulls 29th November.

Plus a bonus one of a watermelon shark 3rd December.

This blog is full

So, I tried to post more photos a while back and this blog told me I had posted too many photos and I couldn't post any more on anything linked to the gmail address it uses unless I payed a monthly fee. Even though that is totally valid, I spent a couple of days sulking.

I recovered from my sulk and thought 'Why do I even have 8 gmail addresses if I don't use a different one to start a new blog?'. And then it was Christmas. And now I am starting a new blog. But I am still back dating the posts to whenever it was that the last photo in the set was taken. Because it is the internet. The latest post.

I can still post text here, but no photos.

tldr. I started a new blog: Single Cask Expression. And the latest post is here.