Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I think I have booked two nights in the YMCA in Singapore for the 10th and 11th. I have booked a night in Butterworth at De Garden Hotel on the 12th. I think I just booked a train ticket from Butterworth to Bangkok on the 13th, but it is a bit hard to tell. If I have, I have to pick it up at the Butterworth station before 12pm on the 13th and I have a lower sleeper berth. Finally, I have a night booked in Viengtai Hotel in Bangkok on the 14th.

After that I join the tour. And I have discovered that another benefit of joining a tour is that I don't have to spend several weeks of my life booking accommodation and transport, being unsure whether I have actually booked something and fighting my indecisivitis.

That said, the internet makes life much, much easier (as long as it has all worked out).

Monday, 25 April 2011


I seem to have a train ticket booked from Singapore to Butterworth. Leaving Singapore at 8am on the 12th May and arriving in Butterworth at 9.15pm on the 12th May.

I am now trying to get a ticket from Butterworth to Bangkok on the 13th, but it is proving less straightforward. I am going to email the train people and then cross my fingers.

I am finding booking accommodation reassuringly stressful. So many what ifs. It was much easier to pick places in Canada, I just looked for a yarn store and went with the nearest B&B. I am also struck by how much cheaper accommodation is when you are travelling as a pair... anyone want to travel through Turkey and Italy with me?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Flying to Singapore

Well, I've booked a flight from Melbourne to Singapore on the 10th May. It leaves Tullamarine at 6pm and arrives at Changi at 11.30 pm.

A friend has just found a litter of motherless kittens in the wall of her stable. They are about 4 weeks old and the littlest one is grey with a white blaze. I am imagining myself taking him with me like the French couple in South America, but I can't think how to get him on the plane undetected and, as my friend pointed out, I'd have all manner of trouble getting him back into Australia.

My final destination for this trip is my brother in the Orkneys and he just sent an email describing how lovely the weather and the people are, which made me momentarily tempted to skip the middle bit and go straight there.