Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I was a torn about the balloon ride because it is the most expensive thing I've done on the trip so far.

We got up at superearly in the morning (before the call to prayer).

And it was cold.

But then we took off as the sun started to rise.

And I got a few important things done.

And we got a good look at Cappadocia (which means land of beautiful horses - I got a free onyx souvenir because I remembered that)

I like to call this one 'boy twister in the truck'.

And this one 'bromance'.

I like to pretend that I took this picture of a tractor for my uncle Rob but, actually, I really like tractors. And haystacks.


Morag said...

So beautiful! Balloons over Cappadocia... ridiculously romantic.

Ceels said...

It was. I feel happy every time I look at the photos. It is sad to be losing all the people who were there, but at least I had them.

Morag said...

I showed these photos to my classmates and the room was full of "oohs" and "aahs" and envy