Friday, 2 September 2011


The first picture is of our marvellous Iranian guide, Mustafa. If you are thinking of coming to Iran (and you should) I will put up his details, did I mention he is marvellous?

Persepolis was something else. I think Persepolis was on the front cover of our year 7 history book. Certainly I have seen pictures of the stuff here all over the place. How did I ever try and convince myself to just stay at home and look at pictures of these places in coffee table books instead of travelling? So I am showing you the next three pictures of stuff that is in books, only I couldn't get the angles from the books because there was scaffolding all over the joint.

Then we have a picture of a sign. Look closely at the sign for the toilets.

Does anyone else see what I see in this picture? (sorry, Mum).

This famous stabbity bashidy picture is one I have seen a lot. It is some king protecting the palace from a symbolic lion - I think the lion was symbolic of the raging somethingness of humans.

Leo taking down Taurus (the Iranians were all about the astronomy).

A pony for Jayne (there were lots of ponies and I took lots of really bad pic

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Morag said...

I am actually green right now. Persepolis! It's one of the places I dream of visiting.