Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sunny Kirkwall (it rains at least as much as it shines in the five days so far, but the rain is a nice change and the sun is glorious)

 Visiting the cathedral with the brother.

 Inside the cathedral.

 Gaelic football.

How my feet ended the journey. I wonder how long the tan will take to fade...

 A hayshed/ aircraft hanger thing.

 Me in the heather.

A jersey cow (I think, it's the right colour, right?)


 Otters! Sea Otters!

 On the left there, what I would mistake to be a mutant sheep, but I already know is a cow.

 The cathedral.

A bone carved viking linen scraper from the museum.

 Some teeny tiny linen knitting.

 Up close so you can see the detail, even though it no longer looks so teeny tiny. Seriously, I think I would go blind trying to knit these.


Morag said...

The otter crossing sign is my new most favourite thing. It made my day.

Ceels said...

You can believe that I want to go sit within 600m of that sign all day to watch for the otters (crossing!), right?

Ceels said...

sorry, 600 yards.

Morag said...

Absolutely. Flask of hot tea, bag of knitting, packet of sandwiches - all set. Sooner or later, an otter will cross.

Ceels said...

I live in hope. I've seen plenty of grouse (fully sic, bro) but not yet otters.