Friday, 2 September 2011


I don't know why the internet has started working, but I am going to try and put up as many pictures as possible.

The first picture is of our marvellous Iranian guide, Mustafa. If you are thinking of coming to Iran (and you should) I will put up his details, did I mention he is marvellous?

Persepolis was something else. I think Persepolis was on the front cover of our year 7 history book. Certainly I have seen pictures of the stuff here all over the place. How did I ever try and convince myself to just stay at home and look at pictures of these places in coffee table books instead of travelling? So I am showing you the next three pictures of stuff that is in books, only I couldn't get the angles from the books because there was scaffolding all over the joint.

Then we have a picture of a sign. Look closely at the sign for the toilets.

Does anyone else see what I see in this picture? (sorry, Mum).

This famous stabbity bashidy picture is one I have seen a lot. It is some king protecting the palace from a symbolic lion - I think the lion was symbolic of the raging somethingness of humans.

Leo taking down Taurus (the Iranians were all about the astronomy).

A pony for Jayne (there were lots of ponies and I took lots of really bad pictures of them)

Sheep for Jayne (there was a lot of anatomy in the carvings in Persepolis - nearly everything had anatomy)

Some men on a wall.

Some more men on a wall.

Proof I was there.


Jayne said...

omg I'm going to Persepolis. The carvings are amazing. Thanks for the photos :)

brent said...

i don't see it. more clues please for the brain deprived.

that's not proof. it could be anyone in this photo for all we know.

(My captcha here is "SOTTESS")