Saturday, 10 September 2011

Thursday 8th Sept

 We went shopping before leaving Dogubayazit. There were many wasps and they are attracted to the sweet stuff.

This is on the way up to the Stuffitupyourarse palace (so named because Al suggested we pop in after the seven hour border crossing and Handsome John, who had spent 119 days being sweet and mild mannered, told him to shove the palace up his arse).

Waiting outside the waiting room.

 They have chucked a new roof on the old palace, I kinda like it.

 This is Andrew taking a picture of me taking a picture of Jamie taking a picture of Steve (the donkey).

More scaffolding

Jess and the sheep.

A wee break

The town we stopped in before bushcamping for the night. I can't remember what it is called. It is about 500 kilometers west of Dogubayazit and there is icecream.

Second last chance to take a picture of the boys checking the dirt and they go behind that mound there on the left and thus the pointing and pondering is obscured. Very disappointing.

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