Tuesday, 6 September 2011

So it seems

I quit my job.

Any one got any suggestions for what to do next?


Jayne said...

Get a job in England :) or somewhere in Europe. You must be able to teach Latin to american tourists in Rome surely. OMG I'm having all sorts of romantic european notions now. Do that then we'll come and live with you for 6mths (or as long as we can get visas for) my contract finished 31st December - there's a challenge.
Actually Florence would be much better - shall I start enquiring for you know? :)

Failing that 5 mins on seek...

Pity this is in WA

Also pity this is not in Melb but these type of community education roles pop up - usually on better money as well.

3 Latin teacher roles in private schools :) (okay so most of the locations suck)



And there's always living with us for awhile and writing!

Jayne said...

*now even

Morag said...


brent said...

No point blaming Canada for this one. They'll deny the whole thing.

you could try picking fruit?
Translator at the Vatican?

actually, this one isn't a joke - travel author? If nothing else shows up you could use your time writing about your experiences. try to get published. I'd buy your book...