Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sound of Music tour, Salzburg

The painted cow at the ticket place. A guy told a story about how Salzberg people painted and washed a cow a couple of times during a siege to pretend they had lots of food left and now called 'bull washers'.

The fountain where she flicked the water (I think) singing about confidence.

The gazebo.

Where they filmed the scene in the boat when the captain came back.

Where they filmed the wedding, in the other direction there is the mighty organ (sorry, reading Pratchett again).

Where they filmed the bit at the start.

Where she runs down singing about confidence.

The end of the Do-re-mi song. (Yes, I am that type of tourist and I have no shame).

The fountain they run around in the Do-re-mi song.

More Do-re-mi song.

I really enjoyed the extremely corny tour. We sang the songs on the bus on the way round.


brent said...

I'm glad that you've stopped risking your life to bring me photos of bouzoukis I'll never own, but you shouldn't have stooped to stealing beautiful photos of castles off the internet to distract me... ;-)

Not sure if smiley face needed, you seem pretty clever, but my world is turned upside down right now, so just playing it safe. The above is meant to be a veiled compliment.

I don't get the doh-ray-mi thing. I might read this again for clues.

brent said...

din't help