Saturday, 3 September 2011

Esfahan - Imam mosque

Brace for photos. I am quite in love with Esfahan. (Come to Iran, come to Iran).

The first two are of something that we saw all through Iran. People camping in city parks and on the sides of the road. In lots of places they had picnic-rug/tent-sized concrete squares to set up on. It is the cheap way to travel, but in stead of going bush and doing it, you do it in the next time. It is especially useful when there are a lot of people travelling and the hotels are booked up.

The rest are of the Imam mosque at Imam square. The square is the biggest in the world after Tiananmen. The boss man who built it played polo there and there was a big drum that they hit whenever he scored a goal so that the city would know about it. The goal posts are still there at either end, but I forgot to take a photo of them. Just imagine a pair of giant concrete phalluses at either end and you don't need a photo to remember them either.

Little ponies with jingling bells and silent hooves trot jauntily around the square pulling carriages full of Iranian tourists. Yes, I did get a video. No, I don't know how to put it onto the blog.

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