Monday, 26 September 2011


Well, I have arrived in Orkney, utterly knackered (which is unsurprising, I suppose). It took me six days and three hours to get from Istanbul, Turkey to Kirkwall, Orkney. In hindsight, I did it a little too quickly, but I felt the pressing weight of ... something chasing me across Europe. I can always go back, right?

It was a beautiful autumn day yesterday, clear and sunny with not much wind. We walked down into the town and looked around. There is a beautiful cathedral made in the 12th century from red sandstone. It is very impressive and, in its way, as beautiful as any of the religious buildings I have seen on the way. On the way to the farmers' market we looked in shops (including two yarn shops) and soaked up the sunshine. We bought ingredients for a hearty stew and had a cuppa in the Judith Glue cafe.
Once we had started the stew in the slow cooker, it was off for a tramp up the hill behind James' place.

I have been feeling a bit panicky or something about, well, everything. I have about four conflicting ideas on what I should do next/now and I feel like the cat on the hot tin roof, not knowing which way to jump.

I suppose it is normal to be feeling a bit bleah after such a wonderful time on the truck (which was easy and always someone else being the boss and plenty of people around and things to do and see and no need to think about The Future).


Alexandra said...

Ceels, I have been following your blog for ever so long, and keep forgetting to comment, although I have wanted to on and off: ponies! and 'stans! And Iran - and Persepolis!!! But now you have got to Orkney I can barely contain myself, because I am so very very jealous; it was one of the few places I was terribly sad at missing when we went to the UK. And Skara Brae!! Anyway, I'm loving following your blog, and love all of your photos and idiosyncratic comments :)

Also, have taught myself to knit, so appreciate your crafting all the more...

Alex from pilates

Ceels said...

Hey Alex!

Good to hear from you. It has been pretty amazing, I am still coming down from the high.

We will have to have craftanoons when we're both in the same town.

Is it true what I hear about our fabulous pilates instructor and his lovely wife?

Alexandra said...

I am getting very enthused about craftnoons :D

If you heard about a tiny bundle of joy they named Max, then yes.