Sunday, 4 September 2011

More Esfahan. If you are sick of the Esfahan photos, I'm sorry coz I'm still on the first day. There will be more from the second day as fast as the internet will let me put them up.

Chador shop.


Er... Motorbikes. More commonly seen barrelling through the crowds in the narrow twisting alleys of the bazaar.

Most of the dresses are sparkly in an awesome way (the ones in the Shiraz bazaars especially). These were...

Scary shop dummy.

Scary shop dummies.

The teapot/hot water set up that I wanted to buy and take home with me, but didn't.

The hidden alley off the hidden alley that led to Aladdin's cave/a tea shop.

Did I accidentally put two shots in?

The wall of radios for sale. I'd like to dedicate this to my brother.

The shot I took of the roof inside the tea shop before Al pointed out the 'No Photos' sign.

Boys playing in Imam square.

The theme shot for our time in Esfahan. Andrew got to 18 scoops (not counting the ones in the truck stop on the way to Tehran). I got to twelve (not counting the ones in the truck stop on the way to Tehran). On a side note, I think I've found a way of putting back on the weight I lost in Kyrgyzstan.

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