Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bazaar and Jameh mosque

Spices and leafy stuff.

Dried stuff.

Finger of God.

Flowery stuff.

Spots of light, who needs artificial lighting when you are as clever as the Iranians?

Bazaar being pulled down.

Bazaar being put back up again.

In the courtyard of the Jameh mosque. This had the door through to the Earthly something room that was built in 1088 and is carved and archy and columny and pretty. The other end had unearthly silence, but was not nearly as scenic.

Jamie and Jess showing due respect for Al's demand they get out of his bloody photo.

More light.

There is a pigeon looking in through the roof in the Earthly bit. I am not sure where in the list of photos it will appear because I had trouble attaching it, but it should be here. The same thing with the last post. There is a picture of the dome of the lady mosque with the light coming in making a shiny peacock tail down the side of the dome. I forgot to mention it, and I don't even know if it got in to the pictures.

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