Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ist & Bul

Navigating Istanbul - we busted through the first 800 kms from Goreme and then spent hours on the last few. There were a lot of cars and stuff.

 Istanbul, city of cats.

 The Blue Mosque, we went on a huge walk on the first day, but were put off by the huge queues and didn't go in. Plus, we weren't dressed appropriately for a mosque visit (in spite of the clue being in the name)

 An obelisk. It is very old.

 We ate fish sandwiches near here. They were extremely fishy and we smelled like fish for a long time.

 In spite of having walked more in the first day in Istanbul than I have for the rest of the trip put together, I went out again in the afternoon for a walk. It was a grand walk, but I spent more time looking than taking photos.


bec said...

Hi there, just found your blogs, look after my little sister over there, ok? Try to rub some craftiness off on her!

Ceels said...

I just lost her this morning! But there are craftanoons planned for Melbourne when we both get back.