Saturday, 17 September 2011

Second day in Istanbul, being a tourist - 15th Sept

 After several weeks of travel through places with hardly any tourists, we were a bit overwhelmed by the queues on the first day. On the second day we braved the short queue to get in to the Aya Sophia. There were promises of scaffolding, but this was all we could find.

 There were some domes.

 And some knitting. (Bless Turkey for being cool enough to knit).

And some people.

 The queue to get in to the Blue Mosque was epic, but we braved that, too. (After posing, I am a poser).

More domes.

 The Basilica Cistern was properly awesome with GIANT carp and two Medusa heads.

 And, um, *coff* the crying tears post (is that what it was called? I can only remember what Jess and Jamie called it and that is something I can't repeat in front of my mother.).

 We had dinner under the Blue Mosque (no alcohol, more kebab). It loomed.


Morag said...

I love the top you're wearing in these photos. And I want to know what you're knitting. It looks sunshiney.

Ceels said...

That is one of my Iran tops, now a dress. And I am knitting a daffodil yellow Birch. It is very sunshiney