Sunday, 11 September 2011

Friday 9th September

Asima in the morning.

The town we stopped in on the way to the final bush camp. What is not to love about a town that has bouzouki shops and baklava shops right by each other.

 Some rocks.

 Final checking the dirt for final bushcamp and I missed every instance of pointing at the dirt, though in this case it may have been pointing at the prickles. I have never seen so many. And I accidentally squatted on a nasty one when I was trying to help put up a tent.

 The view from camp.


brent said...

are these ones actually bouzoukis?

Ceels said...

I'd have to ask Morag, but yes, I think so.

Morag said...

Hmm, hard to tell from the photo. Also, I'm much more familiar with the Irish variant of said instrument.