Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Skara Brae, Skaill House, Stromness

 Thursday evening after the 17 degree heat wave.

 Friday, the garden outside my brother's place on the way down to town.

The return of normal weather on Saturday at the standing stones of Stenness.

The Ring of Brodgar.

 Skara Brae, built before the pyramids.


Skaill House.

Some lords or earls or someone lived here and they brought back stuff from all over Asia to stick in the house.


Looks like quite a nice place to live. They have a yarn store and everything.



Morag said...

Unfortunately, Morag popped with jealousy when she saw the pictures of Skara Brae. It left quite a mess on the computer screen.

Ceels said...

The whole time I was there I was thinking of you, does that count?

Morag said...

Hmm... well, it does make me feel a tiny bit better.