Saturday, 22 October 2011

St Boniface

On Thursday I went for a wander up to St Boniface Kirk.

I had read the map before I left the hostel (though it is pretty hard to get lost on an island four miles long and one mile wide). And there was a convenient sign pointing the way.

I went looking for the round house they found there. Apparently Boniface stands on the ruins of a place of worship from the iron ages and there are the remains of a village around the kirk. I didn't find the round house, it was mainly just really cold.

Inside the church was quite simple (but lovely and warm compared to outside).

 There were lots of well built, convenient stiles to use and I managed not to rip my skirt or thermals.

And plenty of mud. 

I went back via the Knap of Howar. When I got there, it had started to rain, so I went in and sat on the quern, quite sheltered and reasonably warm, until the rain passed.

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