Friday, 28 October 2011

Kirkwall harbour

 It was quite still last night, very pleasant to be wandering around town after a day of torrential downpour.

The boats here remind me of home. (For no better reason than that they are boats, I think.)

I have my fingers crossed that it won't rain too much until I can get 'down south'. The soles of my boots have split and I don't have another pair of shoes and I haven't seen anything that suits/fits in the Orkney shops. Not to worry. There are worse things than wet feet for a few days.

I talked on skype for a good hour with my parentals and a cousin, this morning. I now miss home, pretty a lot. I am trying not to think about Christmas.

I can't quite believe that I have bought a ticket to Canada and that in two weeks I will be there.

And while I am here I am going to tuck this complaint down at the bottom.

UK, I have a bone to pick with you. Crisps. Everybody bloody eats them with their mouths open. Everywhere. Maybe they are crunchier here. Maybe I am out and about in public more here than I would be at home. But it feels like everywhere I go I am hounded by the crunch crunch crunch of people enthusiastically scoffing down crisps.

Or maybe I am just a little irritable because I had such a crappy night of sleep last night.

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