Tuesday, 11 October 2011


There would be drawbacks to living in Kirkwall permanently, but safety would not be one of them. Here are some examples of things that have happened.

I wanted to try on a shirt in a shop and was ushered into the stockroom out the back (with all of my bags) and could have stolen any number of things with no one the wiser.

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the reel and the other day there was a little old lady with a walker who needed help with the door. I opened the door for her to get out and she asked me to open the door around the corner for her. I walked out of the reel, around the corner and held open the other door the lady needed then came back. I had left my computer open on the table and my bag with everything in it under the seat and it was all fine.

If you have a parcel delivered and you're not home, the postman goes around the back of your place, opens the back door and leaves the parcel inside on the mat (presumably so that it doesn't get wet in the continual rain)

Apparently if a visitor/tourist does something wrong, like leave a B&B without paying the bill, they just stop the ferry until it is sorted out...


Jayne said...

it's like an extreme country town :) It 'felt' wonderful when we were there. All the people were lovely - if not a little bit weathered. Are you living in Kirkwall it's self. Have you been to the wool shop that's in a shed at a farm out in the middle of no where? (I can't remember their name)

brent said...

In Cohuna you can order your beer, and take it to a table, and leave it next to your wallet while you go to the toilet, and be completely comfortable that it'll still be there when you get back.