Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I've missed the 'cinema' on Papa Westray (it happens on Saturday night) and I've missed the pub (they open it ["it" is a cupboard of grog] after they've finished screening the film). But I can go to the cafe (on Wednesday morning).

There is only one place to get food on the island and that is at the shop which opens a couple of hours a day.

If you are on the island and need a cup of tea, they don't lock the door of the hostel and you can let yourself in to the dining room and help yourself to the tea making supplies. There is a little box you can pop some coins in.

There is some sightseeing to do, had two goes at doing that today, but got blown back indoors by the rain and hail both times. Hopefully the wind will be a little less sideways tomorrow.

I am so happy I want to kiss someone.


Lyn said...

Goodness, Ceels, you're certainly 'getting away from it all'! A tiny dot on that ocean. I have ancestors from the Shetlands - give them a wave from me?

Happy venturing
Lyn (from the guild)

brent said...

sounds a lot like cohuna. "the" of everything. The pool. The pub. The roundabout. The highway.

Sounds awesome!

Ceels said...

It certainly feels very far away. It feels like a tiny dot in the ocean. It is hard to find a place to stand where you can not see the waves rolling in.