Thursday, 27 October 2011

Down South

 The last day on Papa Westray was cold.

 It rained all day, but let up in the afternoon long enough that I didn't get wet when I walked to the airport. (You can see the airport below, no really, that's it just there). I took the world's shortest scheduled flight (2 mins) to Westray and then the 15 minute flight back down to Kirkwall.

 Spent the weekend in Kirkwall nursing a cold. I managed to get out for a walk between rain showers.

Then took the ferry down to Thurso on Monday to meet up with the lovely Al and Alice to deliver their tea cosy. In Orkney, the island with Kirkwall on it is 'the mainland' and Scotland is 'down south'. I have also heard people here refer to people 'down south' as 'the Scottish', quite a different breed to the Orcadians.

The hostel I stayed in in Thurso was clean, but noisy. After a terrible night's sleep, I decided I couldn't face going exploring around Scotland.

I had pretty much decided that I was going to go home to Oz at that point. It seemed like the best of the options.

But then I was presented with an alternative option and now I have a ticket to Vancouver.

I am staying in Kirkwall until the 2nd of November. Then I will catch the ferry to Aberdeen, then the train to Edinburgh. On the 5th I will be on a train to Nottingham to see a friend from Uni who has had a daughter recently. Then I will stay in London for a few nights and then fly to Canada on the 9th.

It is a beautiful sunny day in Orkney, today. I don't know if I have made the 'right' decision in going to Canada (I don't even know what the right decision means any more), but I am going to pack the doubts away for the day and look at the sunshine instead.

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