Friday, 21 October 2011

Knap of Howar

On Wednesday afternoon I ventured out into the howling northerly gale (it was actually rated gale force) to go and check out the Knap of Howar.

As with so many of sites we've visited in Orkney,  a muddy walk through the paddocks was involved.

I didn't stay long.

 But I did go inside (you have to bend double to get through that doorway).

 And in spite of the sun coming out for a second, it was blisteringly cold and I scooted straight back to the hostel for a hot chocolate.

I thought about walking along the shore to see the church, but lacked enthusiasm.

I went out for another excursion, between rain storms, to the 'craft store' at the post office and found yarn heaven.

The bantams stood on the window sills and eyed me off. I think they were hungry. And cold. (or that might have just been me).

 It was beautiful. I cried.

On Wednesdays on Papa Westray people eat sandwiches because Wednesday is the day the ferry brings fresh bread from the bakery on Westray. There is a rush on the shop when it is open in the morning and another rush in the afternoon.

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