Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Colder and wiser

No, I'm not in the slightest bit wiser, but the other bit is true.

I made a snap decision to come to Papa Westray (or Papay as the locals call it [I hear Papee]) today.

I needed a change and I've been quite interested in the little islands to the North. I rang the hostel to find out if they had any rooms (there is only one other person staying, together we bring the island population to 85). My brother gave me a lift to the airport an hour before the flight was due to leave. I bought a return ticket for twenty pounds (do you hear that, Eurostar? Do you hear?) and sat down in the waiting room.

If you are heading to 'down south', they have a departures gate. If you are heading to Papa Westray, you get let out the back.

Three of us got on the peedie plane (see how I used the local dialect there?) I've been in cars bigger than that plane. The woman I was sitting next to, Mari, offered me a lift from the airport because she was going in to the shop anyway.

When you stand on the runway, you can see the ocean on either side.

(and look, completely out of character, I have already found internet!)

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