Saturday, 15 October 2011

Skies remain clear over Kirkwall

I think this is the town hall. Or was, or something.

 Most of Kirkwall is grey and square, but then you get little pockets of colour. The flowers are mostly gone from this garden, now, but the greens are still a welcome change from the greys.

I had applied for a  job in Canada and assumed I was going to get it and was feeling quite content that the future was all planned out. I got the rejection letter yesterday and the brother suggested I go for a walk to think about what to do next.

I went off up the hill. The weather remains marvellous.

 Cloudy, for sure, but it hasn't rained in several days, everything is drying out, and there is enough sunshine to feel quite cheerful.

I'm always a fan of hay. I think because haystacks were so much fun to play in when we were kids. They set the stage for many an imagined kingdom.

I love how the heather on the hill looks brown and unappealing from a distance.

But quite green and pretty from close up.

I later went down into the village to have a cuppa at Trenabies. I haven't been in there before because it looks a little uninviting from the street, but it has a staggering range of teas, so there is no doubt I will be back in there again.

I made my way back up the hill to my brother's place as the sun was setting.

Kirkwall really is a rather magical place.


Birgit said...

Sorry to hear to didn't get that job - surely there will be another :-)
Gorgeous photos, Ceels. Yes it is amazing how different the heather looks up close.

Ceels said...

Surely there will :)