Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Yazd to the Caravanserai

A range of styles of dress. Yazd is super conservative, so there were lots of chadors. But also, it is Ramadan (until Thursday, woot!) so women have to dress more conservatively than the rest of the year anyway.

The eternal flame at the Zoroastrian temple in Yazd.

Walking up the hill to the silent tower thing where zoroastrians used to be sky buried.

Looking up from the atrium of the caravanserai.

A fox(?) head at the bottom of the stairs up to the roof.


And again.

Looking away from sunset back to the caravanserai.

The door to the caravanserai (it even has the little two-sectioned door).

Our 'rooms'.

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brent said...

photos brilliant.

is it possible to explode from amazing? you should really watch out for that.

I'm in San Fransisco! San Fransisco!! We've been to The Castro, and The Bridge, and The Sequoia Forest. Tomorrow: Daniel!

You look adorable in a headscarf. Hope you're having a great time.