Monday, 15 August 2011


I should really go look up all the names of all the places we went in Samarkand. It is becoming a blur of blue and tan. I don't want Samarkand to be a blur because it has probably been my favourite city so far.

There were mausoleums, Bibi something.

The museum at the observatory

Registan square was at the end. I looked through my photos and realised that I got so excited about the patterns, I took hardly any pictures of the buildings themselves. Maybe when I go back I'll remedy that.

Samarkand made me wish that I could take everyone I love there. I will have to go back with you all at some stage.


brent said...

as my kids would say, yes, say, out loud, in their talking voice: "Oh. Em. Gee!!"

Morag said...

Yes please, I'm ready any time.