Thursday, 4 August 2011

The day before yesterday, sitting high above Song Kul lake

I am sitting on a boulder watching the cloud shadows chase each other over the rolling green alpine mountains of Kyrgyzstan by Song-Kul lake. We are more than 3000m above sea level and I am light and breathless. Climbing up here, I stopped to take photos of wildflowers every few metres.

Everyone is off doing stuff like walking or riding or fixing the truck and I am enjoying a solitary ramble. There are tiny wildflowers spread out around my feet and two pairs of kites overhead negotiating sexytimes. The occasional bumblebee does a flyby. It feels like they are buzzing me close enough to check if I'm good to eat and then veering off in disgust.

I can hear the river snaking along the bottom of the valley and can just see the ponies spread out along it grazing. Little butterflies flutter through the grass like bits of startling blue confetti. Sometimes there are two joined together, so I guess it is sexytime for the butterflies, too.

I can see an eagle floating in the distance and I feel soft and peaceful. I've just seen a tiny velvet mole dig up out of the ground. He smelled me for a minute around his enormous front teeth and must have decided I am very dangerous, because I haven't seen him again.

It is getting chilly up here so I am going to drop down a bit to find a sheltered rock to sit and read Neil Gaiman's Stardust on. God bless the kindle.



brent said...

I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this truck of yours. Maybe you should trade it for one which needs less fixing.

My version of Stardust is an illustrated novel - can you get illustrations on the kindle?

Ceels said...

Hey! Asima is an old lady, show a little respect.

I have read the illustrated novel version. The kindle can do illustrations, but not like that.