Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Khiva part 2?3? I don't remember

Mum complained that she can't remember what I look like, so there will be some photos of me coming.

The first one is of me and one of the carpet making ladies. I showed them my drop spindle and knitting and we talked about silk and wool (with no common language but fibre) and they gave me an illicit gift - that is towards the bottom of the post.

Five more pictures of Khiva. 

A photo of the illicit gift - I have been given instructions on knitting it in to a scarf (same as knitting with silk hankies, if you know about those) and will do so as soon as it gets cool enough that I am not spending my whole time swimming in a sweat bath.

The final one is of the little girl who came up to us at dinner. She wanted to use my laptop, but I taught her to play Angry Birds on the iPod instead. She was mute, which meant we communicated exceptionally well with sign language and facial expressions.

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