Saturday, 27 August 2011

Damghan city tour, 25th August

The doorway to a cobbler's shop.

A thingy in a doorway.

A doorway in the street.

A woman walking.

A tower.

The inside of a dome where they had only two windows in the roof that lined up with sunrise and sunset and let in enough light to read with no other illumination. Ingenious.

A bit of the Koran written around the wall of the same building.

A minaret (I know, another one!)

In the Damghan Jameh Mosque. This is an underground room and the measurements of the arches are so precise that if you stand with your ear next to one arch, you can hear someone standing by the other arch whisper something. But no one else can hear!

By the same token, the arches are also set up so that if you stand at one end of the room and speak normally, people at the other end of the room can hear you clearly.

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