Wednesday, 17 August 2011

From yesterday

Today feels auspicious. Today the Johns and I have finished three months of travel with Dragoman and have one month to go. Today I have spent six weeks travelling with Gertie, Mick and Gaetano and six weeks travelling with Asima, Al and Juan.

Bangkok to Bukhara, it makes me wish I payed more attention to things like distances travelled and other good statistics.

I bought my first major souvenir last night. This in spite of going to every bank (there are two) and ATM (there is one) in Bukhara and learning that there are no US dollars in town. There was also an epic nap through the heat of the day (10.30am to 3.30pm). And pizza for dinner.

My toes are tanned golden. We are all suffering together through summer desert temperatures. I have started making plans for what happens next. How to get to Orkney. How to be on my own.

For now I am going to watch the desert, hoping to see another hoepoe bird, read A Carpet Ride to Khiva and revel in how happy I am to be travelling in this big orange truck through these enchanted places.

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