Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Too hot to know where we are any more

I am going to get the list of places we went, in what order, in Samarkand from one of the other girls. I have no idea.

After Samarkand we stayed in a yurt camp in the desert near Nurata/ Нурота. There was a fort built by Alexander the Great there. We also visited a very large lake that was made from overflow from a dam in Kazakhstan.

On the drive from there to Bukhara, we stopped at a caravanserai from a ridiculously long time ago. Because I was feeling hot and insipid, I stayed on Asima, but I did take a picture of the caravanserai and of the well opposite.

Not long after we stopped for diesel. The boys had to use this dodgy pump because we hadn't seen any open fuel stations for days. Either Uzbekistan has run out of diesel or diesel availability is in some way linked to Ramadan. Remind me to tell you about the joys of travelling though Muslim countries during Ramadan.

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