Saturday, 27 August 2011

some more of the Damghan city tour, then the drive to Khoor.

The first couple are of, I think, an old mosque that is not in use any more. The original part is 1300-1400 years old, that is the bit with the rounded arch. The bit that has peaked arches was restored about 800 years ago.

Have I done a shot of me in my outfit yet? I have been wearing this since we left Ashgabat. I am still wearing it today. Yesterday (Friday) was 'the weekend' so everything was shut. In Yazd in the summer people don't open their shops during the day much because it is so hot that people don't tend to go out. So we are going to go this evening to find another outfit to wear.

A door.

Then we have three shots of the oasis where we stopped for lunch on our way to Khoor.

And two shots of the desert. They sure can put on a good desert in Iran.

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