Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Because everybody loves a flaming gas crater.

The first two shots are sunrise over the first bush camp in Turkmenistan.

A shot of me. It is about five minutes after I woke up. I tried to smile, but my lips were so dry this was the best I could manage.

The price of diesel in Turkmenistan. It is 2.84 manat to the dollar at the moment.

Then we have that night camped near the Darwassa Gas crater. That is Jess on a hill.

Me on a hill (see, many photos of me, mum). In this one I have had more water and am able to smile.

Darwassa Gas crater. Most people thought it looked like the gates to hell... maybe I have been reading the Aeneid too much, but it reminded me more of Terminator. But then, lots of things remind me of Terminator. The final one is of me standing by the crater. I nearly didn't go, because just before the car came back to get us (we were the third and final shift) I got back on Asima to set up my bed and kicked the front grate that had been taken off earlier to stop Asima overheating. There were bad swears, then silence, then some crying and I nearly didn't go. Fortunately I got the sensible just in time. My feet were filthy and there was blood everywhere and I feared infection and toenails falling off. Thanks to alternating manuka honey and pawpaw ointment, though, everything is healing well.

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Birgit said...

Spectacular is the word that comes to mind with the gas crater photos! Glad that you decided to go and see it. Sorry to read about your stubbed toe though; glad it's on the mend.
Progress - I have my own gmail account :-) because Mal bought me an Acer Tablet!!