Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tashkent part 2

There were lots of musical instruments for sale and I didn't buy them.

There was also some architecture.

Some spinning wheels that I also didn't buy.

Some more musical instruments I didn't buy.

Some bread stamps for making local bread, that I didn't buy.

Some knives I didn't buy.

A cotton spread hand embroidered with silk thread featuring a pomegranate motif that I bargained for, but didn't buy.

Most of the pictures I took because it was lighter and cheaper to take them than to get the stuff. I am trying for less stuff. But now I am also trying not to regret not buying that piece of embroidery.


Jayne Howley said...

you'll see more of the embroidery as you go. There is quite a bit in Turkey but ours was a wool type one (and I'm not sure if it was actually done by hand or just hand machined ;)
How about posting stuff home? the bread stamps are awesome.

Morag said...

I want a musical instrument please. The weight doesn't count if you buy it for me.

brent said...

they are! those are bousouki's!

Shut That Bloody Bousouki Up!!


Ceels said...

None of them are bousoukis! One type is a rhubarb, the others I can't remember their names.

brent said...

oh really? dammit. I was so excited for a moment there. i still want to see a bouzouki one day.

nell says I can come and watch her teach latin class tomorrow, although she may have been joking. do you think she was joking? I simply can't tell.

my visual verification word for this comment is 'plisms'.

please be to continue to stay safe in the scary dusty places visited. less with the dying of dehydration and broken ankles and being stuck in caves when the bus is about to drive away (although that was a pretty funny story). all the photos are awesome.