Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Zeinoddin caravanserai - 29th August

We stayed last night in a caravanserai that was restored by hand. A real live caravanserai where traders on the silkroad stayed 500 years ago. We nearly drowned in the romance of it all. Not only that, but we were allowed to take our hijabs off. The wicked freedom of it was as intoxicating as beer (so, I'm a cheap drunk). We could also wear a tshirt if we wanted, but I found that if my shoulders had to be covered, I was actually more comfortable in the new Iranian dress/tunic thing I had on. Jess felt the same way, which I was super glad about because the other two girls went with the hair straightener and tight clothes and it is nice not to be the odd one out.

We go today to Shiraz, with a stop at Persepolis on the way.


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