Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The gymnasium in Yazd

We went to a gymnasium in Yazd and it felt most peculiar. You paid 20,000 rial to get in, but it felt very much like going in to watch my pilates class at home, or maybe dance class.

It inspired a post about healthy body image and having real-life examples of super fit bodies of all shapes/sizes/ages and not watching television or reading magazines that are trying to sell you things. But then it was too hot and I didn't write it.

At any rate. If you are feeling bad about your body, you should lay off the advertising and get yourself to a pilates class where you will see a whole bunch of people (mainly women) who are all lovely and using their bodies and are all shapes/sizes/ages and, even if you feel a bit awkward for the start, you will soon start to feel inspired about yourself (and healthy and strong). If you are in Melbourne I can recommend an excellent one.

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