Friday, 27 May 2011


I have a feeling I might be falling in love with Laos.

We crossed the border (the Mekong River) and when we drove over that muddy wide water there was a change (there were more goats, for one thing).

Vientiane seems to be a mix of France and China and itself. I am really looking forward to walking through the town tomorrow and eating as much as possible. Everywhere you look there is delicious looking bread and tasty treats.

Also, it is cooler here. Blissfully cooler. I am in such a good and friendly mood and everything as marvellous. Up until now I've felt like a troll in Ankh-Morpork.


Alexandra said...

Ceels it is lovely to read your blog and look at the photos of you in a warm sunny place. Melbourne is f'ing freezing today, nobody gets to feed elephants, ladies' tummies are totally covered, and we have decided that the only way to get a proper baguette in Mt. Eliza is to bake it ourselves.
Keep sending bloggy snippets and maybe I can get some vicarious sunshine.

Ceels said...

Laos is quite a place. I will keep telling you about it and hopefully the sun will start to shine there, too.