Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Same Same

Today was another drive day with a border crossing. [Same one as last time, but back the other way, it is much quicker to get back into Thailand].

I was up before most people for breakfast and enjoyed tea and kindle.

A view out the front of the truck (her name is Gertie, she is a lovely truck).

 We left our fabulous Cambodian guide, Sam, at the border. If anyone needs a fabulous guide in Cambodia, I have his contact details and, because we are going into the wet season, he has very little guide work until October.

I have found a new Glee friend on the trip. She has been travelling through India and Nepal for the last several months, so we spent the afternoon catching her up on episodes. There was time for an hour's swim before the meeting about camping.

We are heading off into the wilds tomorrow to bush camp and then after that we are heading into Laos. So there will be no net access tomorrow and I am not sure about the internet in Laos. It is China after that and, the last I heard, blogger is blocked there. I have ways of posting text, but the photos may have to stop. I'll try and work out something devious.


Jayne said...

Oh now I'm tempted to try cambodia... Wet season doesn't sound so appealing tho. Don't lose his details.

Ceels said...

I will take a photo of his card and pop it on the blog.

Can I give a big shout out for Laos?