Monday, 23 May 2011

Magical spelling will protect the country

I have washed the film of DEET and sunscreen off my skin, brushed my teeth and laundered today's clothes in the sink.

Today involved some of that less pleasant side of travelling, and while the others were having lunch, I spent some quality time in the toilet with Terry Pratchett and Guards! Guards!

It was a big day of visiting temples. I was a little distracted by things and I am not really sure which ones, but Angkor Wat was involved. I should go and look it up.

There were figures of semi-nude women all over the walls. I loved their tummies. Each tummy was unique and some had been carved by the hands of someone who loved women's tummies. Some of the women looked like they were about to dance out of the walls.

I touched noses with Buddha

The whole thing was worth it, because at the end of the day when I left the top of the last holy place to the several thousand tourists watching the sun set,

I got to feed an elephant.

I have had a mango shake and some fried rice for dinner and hopefully that will work out well.


Morag said...

That shot of all the tourists draped over stones made me a bit wiggy. Leaving to go feed the elephant - definitely a wise choice.

Jayne said...

The elephant is amazing. I'm even more impressed you managed to get a photo at the same time :)

Ceels said...

Also there were four sections of steps up to the top where all those tourists were. I got up them quite handily, but they were about a foot and a half high and about four inches wide. I looked at all those people, thought about the steps back down, saw the elephants and decided to go down while it was still light and the steps were horde-free.

I got Anita, one of the women on the trip, to take the photo for me :D