Monday, 16 May 2011


We have left Bangkok and have arrived in Aranyaprathet.


Our bus (Gertie) is more than twenty years old, has no air con and leaks when it rains. Tonight I am sharing a double bed with someone. Apparently the motto for this trip is all about flexibility and acceptance and tolerance and stuff, so I am going to complain here to you rather than look bad in front of the rest of the group. I also have a query about the Coke bottle opener in the toilet.


Actually, the hotel reminds me a lot of Chez Lala in Tulear. But with a pool and no Madame Lala and no prostitutes. I am about to go for a swim in the pool (just giving it a few more minutes for the day to get cooler...) and I am looking forward to sitting in the outdoor restaurant and drinking beer. Everything is reminding me a lot of Madagascar and I am feeling all lovely and reminisce-y.

This is my third (?) day in Thailand and I have learnt to say four things. Hello, Thank you, foreigner and gecko. Tomorrow we cross the border into Cambodia

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