Sunday, 29 May 2011

Odds and Ends

I think I learned how to write "Wash Me" in Thai, also, note the Autobot logo.

Someone asked for Sam(our fabulous guide in Cambodia)'s details. He is training for his international license this year, so soon he will be able to lead tours around Thailand and Laos as well. As it says on the card, he speaks German, too.

In Vientiane there were the most exquisite carvings that look like people and faces emerging from twisted branches and bits of wood. My two favourite were a dragon spiralling down out of the sky and a Laotian woman dancing in the wind. The were priced at $350US. I felt a bit funny about taking photos of them, but I passed this fellow below out on the street.

The traffic here is a bit more like I was expecting when I arrived in Beijing ten years ago. I'd read something at the time about bicycles and other forms of transport, but when I arrived it was nearly all cars and motor bikes.

 There are many shrines. And many cats. Many of the cats have no tail.

We went to an organic farm this morning. It was quite interesting to see their set up there and what they are trying to do to help farmers and school children have a better start. It was also interesting to see evidence that the locals feel as you'd expect about some of the behaviour associated with the river tubing.

An old Citron at the farm

Organic bananas (I suddenly felt like Nanny Ogg just then, and I knew how to start spelling 'banana' but I didn't know how to stop ... sorry, I'm on a pretty steady diet of Pratchett at the moment, the Discworld references may keep coming).

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