Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Making Friends

Julia and Claire (below) got a fish massage the other day in Phnom Penh, but I could not bring myself to put my feet in the tank. The whole idea gave me the wiggins.

Tonight we went to the night market in Siem Reap and wandered around. Claire and I bought Same Same, but Different t-shirts because we are Tourists. And we all had a 'foot spa' and massage. I didn't take a picture, but imagine a warm night and couches and lotus scented water and fragrant tea and a slice of water melon.

I forgot to put in one of my favourite statues, yesterday. This is a happy lion outside Angkor Thom. We sat outside Thom for an hour and ten minutes wondering where in the hell everyone had got to. I did a couple of circuits of Thom, thinking of Latin words to take my mind off the heat, looking for everyone, but it was deserted and I started to feel a bit Picnic at Hanging Rock.

This is the only picture I have taken of Siem Reap. Largely because I was knackered today after yesterday's bout of extreme temples and stomach gymnastics.

We have become slightly obsessed about that thing that travellers become slightly obsessed about and were discussing it on the way home from the night market just now. Julia kept making us walk ahead of her. I got the hysterical giggles, especially when... but no, this is not the time or the place for fart jokes.


BigMal said...

Sounds like you are over your tummy bug - great! The foot massage, as you described it, sounded much more enticing than the fish massage :-)
If you are feeling hot - think of Victoria. We are having our next cold snap, with more snow forecast. Having said that, It is sunnyer that I expected it would be, so feels warmer than the 13 deg we have. Birgit

BigMal said...

You know I mean sunnier than, not sunnyer that ;-)Birgit

Ceels said...

I did know :)

I can't believe it is snowing. I am getting used to the heat here, slowly. I think it feels hotter than 34 deg...

Camping tonight, so that should be nice and cool.