Saturday, 21 May 2011

How do you say wax in Khmer?

We went to the museum this morning. I find museums a bit blah blah blah, but I liked looking at the toes on the statues and this museum had a whole section on weaving and spinning. They had a collection of beautiful little stone spindle whorls.

This afternoon I went to find a place that does waxing. The market nearby has lots of little hair salon/stalls that I thought might do it. I had forgotten how not hairy Asian women are and so I searched in vain.

I saw someone doing cross stitch in one of the salons so I stopped to talk to her. She asked if I wanted my hair washed.

So I had a lovely time watching the women come and go and listening to them talk. I wished I had my cross stitch with me so I could have stitched with them for a bit. I have a cross stitch book mark in my pack, so I might get that out to start on the truck tomorrow.

I find lack of language frustrating. I am only learning a couple of words a day and, because we have a guide, there is not the same kind of incentive to make an effort to learn more. It's so easy to let him talk.

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